Web Design

Learn " Web Design" at Omei, Mondays 5.45-6.30pm. Click on the link below and fill the form to sign up.


Wed Design class introduction


Web Design Course:

This course starts with HTML in easy-to-follow terms, then progress to introduction of dynamic website building with JavaScript. Through the project based learning, students will go through design thinking approach for iterative web design and development, and let their imagination and creativity fly. Students deliverables involve their own website.


Topics covered:
  • Web Design vs. web development

    • Design thinking approach

  • HTML Fundamentals
    • Basic HTML syntax, code editor
    • DOCTYPE declarations, document head, body, content models
    • Format headings and paragraphs
    • Image design
    • Page structure with semantic element
    • Linking to internal and external pages, and downloadable resources
    • Ordered, unordered lists
    • Styling elements
  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Building dynamic pages
    • Script element
    • Functions
    • DOM


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