Mikey Tzankov


Our current Taichi Team member, Mikey Tzankov, who won gold in the Arizona Nationals with Xingyi Quan, is also an amazing soccer player. He was awarded Best Soccer Player by the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League this season. He also received a scholarship from an International Soccer Academy based in Spain, and he will spend the next school year in Europe developing as a better soccer player.


Mikey was at Omei After School when he started his Wushu training with Master Zou. He eventually moved to the Taichi Team later and attended many local, national and international competitions,

competing in both Taichi and Xingyi. He was selected as a member of the USA National Team to represent USA at the World Taichi Championship in 2019.


How his training in Wushu has helped him in soccer so that he got noticed internationally - flexibility, agility, discipline, consistent at practices, know yourself and challenge yourself!