"Engineers and scientists build civilizations. Artists
then breathe culture into those civilizations."
- Anonymous
The O-Mei Academy is an independent private school which brings East and West together to create a unique cultural blend of arts, academics, and technology. Our focus is on providing a stimulating and fun educational environment which helps enable and encourage children to grow into well-rounded individuals.

We offer an array of Technology, Arts, & Culture Camps, as well as afterschool and enrichment classes ranging widely from Lego Engineering and Electronics, to Music and Calligraphy, to Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Each of our instructors, is an expert not only in his/her field, but also in Child Education. With our focus on respecting the individuality of each child, the O-Mei Academy team of instructors helps students develop academically, culturally, and socially, in a fun and entertaining camp atmosphere.


Feb. 07, 2014

Summer Camp registration is now open. Join our Summer Camp for a fun and amazing Summer Adventure! For students entering grades K to 8, O-Mei Academy Summer Camps offer fun, educational, diverse programs designed to keep young minds active. Our Summer Camps engages students in an exploration of exciting themes through music, arts, science projects, Taichi, & Kungfu and field trips learning activities. Perfect for the campers who love interactive hands-on learning, engineering, creative arts and learning about world cultures! Click here for more info.

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